Please note the legal information and notes at the end of this table.

Q-Is copper greening of the skin possible and normal?
…A—The slight green tinge that occurs in some people when the copper bracelet reacts with the sweat on the skin is quite normal and completely harmless. It can be easily removed with soap and water.
Q-I have a nickel allergy, can I wear copper?
…A—Our copper contains no nickel, so an allergic reaction to nickel allergy is not possible.
Q-How does it feel wearing a copper braclet ?
…A—No problem. Since we do not treat our copper with a surface, when it is sweating profusely, it can sometimes turn dark or greenish, even on the skin, but it is easy to wash off.
Q-Can the bangle be worn while showering?
…A—Yes of course – no problem either.
Q-How long and on which wrist should a copper or magnetic bracelet be worn?
…A—If desired: day and night.
…A—As far as the wrist is concerned, it is best to try it out and change it from time to time. By the way, in Chinese medicine it is said that a magnetic tape – worn on the right wrist – has a calming and hypotensive effect, and stimulates or increases blood pressure on the left wrist.
Q-Will the copper bracelet always stay so shiny?
…A—Since we do not surface-treat our jewelry, like silver, it becomes darker and duller if you don’t wear it for a while. Sweat also plays a role. You can polish your bangle again and again with little effort and a little silver cleaning agent.
Q-How should the piece of jewelry be cleaned?
…A—Best not at all, unless you want to polish it up. The color of copper can change – this depends, among other things, on how much sweat the skin secretes. In some people, it turns darker when there is a fever, and becomes lighter again when the patient is better.
Q-I have a so-called “tennis arm”, does a copper bracelet help?
…A—You will often find players with copper bracelets on the tennis court – copper jewelry is particularly popular with athletes. Maybe there is a reason for that. Simply use our goodwill and try out the bracelet.
Q-I wore my bracelet for a while (there are a few scratches on it), but now I like another model better
…A—We will refund the sale price or exchange the bracelet within eight weeks after purchase. No ifs and buts. Even if scratched or damaged.
Q-My sports club wants to place a bulk order
…A—Feel free to contact us. We are happy to give a few percents for larger orders.
Q-What is the difference between “oval” and “round”
…A—Oval is the better fit if the bangle is to be worn on the wrist because it is ergonomically adapted. Most customers therefore also order “oval”. “Round” bracelets are required if they are pushed further back on the arm towards the elbow (ie where the arm becomes “round”). More detailed explanations can be found in the shop sub-item “Take measurements”.
Q-What do you have to consider when taking measurements?
…A—For the oval shape, the circumference is measured on the wrist, for the round shape, further up, towards the elbow (always where the bracelet is to be worn). Please put the tape measure loosely – not too tight, but not too far either. Alternatively, you can use a wool thread and measure it later with a ruler. Since we deliver in 12 sizes, the dimension can be determined very precisely. You will also find more detailed explanations in the shop sub-section >> To find out Your correct size click here <<
Q-Why magnets?
…A—Magnetic force on the wrist is very common and has long been used in many areas. A magnetic field on the underside of the arm, close to the wrist, is intended to stimulate the meridian points that are “responsible” for combating fatigue and listlessness.
The magnetic effect is said to have a positive effect on the red blood cells and to transport more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This should improve blood circulation in the body, which in turn could accelerate many healing processes. Many people who wear magnetic bracelets report an increase in energy levels and their well-being. However, an effect has not been proven from a conventional medical point of view.
Q-What about the location of the magnets?
…A—Some Bracelets are also available with two super strong magnets at the respective ends on the inside of the Bracelet.

Legal information:
We are legally obliged to point out that the effectiveness of copper and magnetic bracelets has not been scientifically proven. Healing statements are not made with it. Under no circumstances can the bracelets be a substitute for treatments prescribed by a doctor.

And another note, please note:
Magnetic products are not recommended for people with pacemakers and pregnant women. This also applies to small children. In general, younger children should not wear our bracelets because they are very stable and pose a risk of injury if they get caught

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