Taking care of your copper jewelry

Our copper jewelry is made of solid copper and is not surface-treated.

Most of our customers want direct contact with the copper, which is said to have a beneficial effect on the organism. You can find more information in the “Facts about copper” section.

Copper may form a patina, similar to silver. If you like, you can “clean” copper in exactly the same way: with a paste for silver or brass care (for example Wenol or Sidol). A “silver bath” (a liquid in which you immerse the piece of jewelry) is less suitable.

If you wear your jewelry frequently – even when bathing and showering – you will find that hardly any patina forms. However, if you leave the piece of jewelry for a longer period of time, it will likely darken. Then use the cleaning agents mentioned, or – much easier – wear the jewelry! After a few days, the patina disappears (it wears off – just like with silver).

Interesting: The surface of the copper seems to react to your physical condition, sometimes a little darker (if you are not feeling well), sometimes a little lighter (if you are comfortable). This is because the composition of the sweat changes and the copper reacts to it.

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