Shipping Methods

We ship worldwide

Shipping costs at home and abroad

All orders will be processed and dispatched as quickly as possible.
If ordered items are not available within the usual delivery times, you will receive an email.

We always deliver to your home address by post.
Mail storage or delivery to a post office box is not possible.

There is no minimum order value.
Our general terms and conditions apply – full return right 4 weeks, exchange / voucher / money back possible.

Standard Shipping costs for shipping to / after
Germany: 0.00 EURO
Standard shipping to other  countries (worldwide) : free shipping

Shipping via UPS is possible with additional Surcharge , Do ask.

Returns that are not prepaid will not be accepted

You will receive your order in a bubble envelope. To return, please use the enclosed return label.
If anything is unclear, call us, or ask via email

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