We produce Your Bracelet on Demand and in Your very exact size !

To find the correct size of Your bracelet use a tape measure. This is how You determine the circumference of Your wrist.

Use this number in millimeters to determine your correct Number, ex giv. Your circumerence is 180 mm then Your size will be C2.

If Your measured ex.giv. 189 mm then use the nearest size, 192 mm, then Your size is C3.

Upon receiving Your order we then will produce Your bracelet in that very size – and it will fit like a glove.

Usually we will do Your bracelet in the OVAL FORM, for a close fit around Your wrist. If You should prefer to wear Your copper braclet loose

around Your lower Arm, then order the ROUND FORM.

The bracelet comes with a standard opening, which may seem small at first. But if you follow the following steps when putting on the bracelet, your new piece of jewelry will slide into the right place without any problems (see also animation under the “Measure” button):

Keep your arm relaxed.
There is a soft spot on the inside of the arm behind the wrist (two finger widths above where you feel the pulse towards the elbow)

Put lightly pressure on one end of the bracelet in this “hollow” (ie as I said, on the inside of the forearm) and pull the other end over the outside of the forearm.

Do not apply excessive pressure or tension. If, contrary to expectations, the opening of the bracelet is too small, you can enlarge it slightly by bending the bracelet open. Don’t worry, you can’t damage anything.

Some bracelets in our collection are unusually hard. If you have difficulties with the adjustment, we will be happy to help you. Please contact us by email: >> info@copper4you.com <<.

The bracelet should enclose your arm without constricting you, but it should also not be too loose on your arm. It is best to sit directly on the wrist. If you were wrong about taking measurements – use our exchange service!

You would like to wear Your bracelet on Your ARM ?
Measure there the circumference in centimeters !

You would like to wear Your bracelet on Your WRIST ?
Measure there the circumference in centimeters !

Here how to put on and wear Your bracelet (OVAL FORM WRIST)

How to take off Your bracelet

If You ordered Your bracelet in the ROUND FORM
Best wear of the ROUND FORM Is on the lower arm.
Here how to put on and wear the bracelet in the ROUND FORM


small-medium-largeYour Size NumberYour measured circumference in millimeters
X-SmallA1137 mm
X-SmallA2142 mm
X-SmallA3147 mm
X-SmallA4152 mm
SmallB1157 mm
SmallB2162 mm
SmallB3167 mm
SmallB4172 mm
MediumC1175 mm
MediumC2182 mm
MediumC3192 mm
MediumC4202 mm
LargeD1212 mm
LargeD2222 mm
LargeD3232 mm
LargeD4242 mm