The bracelet is supplied with a standard opening, which may seem quite small at first. However, if you follow these steps when putting on the bracelet, your new piece of jewelry will slide into place without any problems.

Keep your arm relaxed.
On the inside of the arm behind the wrist (two finger widths above the point where you feel the pulse towards the elbow) you will find a soft spot (marked with a blue arrow in the video)
Place one end of the bracelet in this “hollow” (i.e. on the inside of the forearm as mentioned above) with light pressure and pull the other end over the outside of the forearm.
Do not apply excessive pressure or pull. If, contrary to expectations, the opening of the bracelet is too small, you can enlarge it slightly by bending the bracelet open.
Don’t worry, you won’t damage anything.
Some bracelets in our collection are unusually hard. If you have any difficulties fitting them, we will be happy to help you.
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The bracelet should wrap around your arm without constricting you, but it should also not be too loose on your arm. The best fit is directly on the wrist. If you made a mistake when taking your measurements, no problem! – Use our exchange service !

Here how to put on and wear the Bracelet in the OVAL FORM
Oval Form wears best on Your Wrist
Here how to put on and wear Your bracelet in the ROUND FORM
Round Form wears best on the lower arm, sliding it towards Your elbow.