Belt Buckle 6002 handforged


  • A handforged solid copper Belt Buckle,
  • handforging marks clarly visible
  • made to last
  • extremely sturdy.
  • Will withstand just about everything.
  • We make each buckle to Your Order,
  • specify the width of Your leather belt.
  • Perfect gift.

A belt buckle made of solid copper – very unusual. an absolutely unique piece, handmade and hand-forged. We make this belt buckle exactly for your leather belt, please specify the width of the belt.
Production: we bend the raw form from 6mm round copper material, then we weld (wig-welding) the two end pieces. We also manufacture the pin, which is also welded in its opening. Then the main work: the forging into the final shape, then grinding and polishing – and then we put YOUR belt buckle into an envelope, and off it goes to you.
The belt buckle is a real eye-catcher, solid and hand-forged: the individual hammer strokes are clearly visible.
We can also supply these belt buckles in gold-colored Brass. In this case, the connections are made with a silver brazing alloy
We ship worldwide free of charge

We used a 6 mm round copper wire, bent into shape and welded.

Then forged (the forging traces clearly vissible). A definite eye catcher.

Made to last. Each buckle one of a kind.




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