Kaila 2005M two magnets in this copper choker


66 gramm 4,5×4,5mm . Two strong neodym magnets in either end inserted, invisible from the outside.

Nice necklace, looks elegant. Unusual with the two magnets. Be careful with jewelry containing magnets! Do not wear jewelry with magnets if You wear a pacemaker. The magnets we use are unusually strong, keep distance to electronic devices, mechanical watches, older TV-sets. Please refer to the manual included to Your order. Measure up carefully. Exact size allows a very close fit.

matching bracelet is 1027M

We enclose a probe magnet to locate the two in the choker hidden magnets.

6 mm round copper shaped in 4×4 mm square.

One incision on either end, then one magnet enclosed. Both ends closed by forging.

Then polished and pressed into shape and polished again

This choker Kaila looks like choker Platon, but has two powerful neodym magnets inserted


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