Tacita 1020 – two copper strings interwined


37 gramms  6x9mm . strikingly rustic.
We used 2 strands of round copper,
twisted these and welded the ends.
polished to high gloss.
Hardly elastic, can be bent with some force into shape.
Ok for festive occasions, very suitable for sports.
All sizes. Especially good for medium to  large sized Arm
Forging traces slightly visible

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The copper bracelet Tacita , c.a. 37grams, c.a. 6x9mm wide – . Like the copper bracelet Aja, but a little more rustic. The bracelet is not elastic. Here, too, we recommend a precise fit in all cases. See taking measurements. Adjustment is possible with moderate force

Simple to manufacture –
absolutely durable, designed to be worn for many years. Hand-forged. 2 round copper rods, 4mm diameter, are twisted together. This twisted strand is cut to the correct length and the end pieces are TIG welded – a fusion welding process in which the end pieces are fused together in an arc. We use helium as the inert gas here, which enables us to produce an extremely precise weld seam – only the copper is melted here, so no other metal is added. Copper and nothing but copper is used in this piece of jewelry. Then we clean the bracelet in sulphuric acid, remove the remaining soft oxide layer with running water and a brass brush. Flat forging, polishing, deburring the end pieces. Press into the oval shape, polish… and you’re done,

This bracelet has a rustic look, definitely handmade. It is stronger than the copper bracelet Aja, ,The bracelet is hardly elastic. Here, too, we recommend a precise fit in any case. See taking measurements. Adjustment is possible with moderate force.

Clear signs of forging. It is indestructible, robust and waterproof. Wearable for any occasion, especially for sporting events, golf, tennis…can also be worn for hard work, e.g. gardening. Goes well with jeans, sweatshirts… looks good on a strong arm. Finely polished, the surface easily absorbs even heavy scratches, just like an old silver bangle.

By the way: copper is said to have an effect on general well-being. See our page “Copper – a remarkable metal” Although this has not been scientifically proven, many people report that a copper bangle helps with inflammation, muscle tension, joint pain and rheumatic complaints. This is why many athletes also wear a copper bracelet

Your bracelet – absolutely and completely handmade in Germany in our Munich studio.
Our copper comes exclusively from renowned manufacturers in Germany.
We work on demand and produce your bracelet in any size according to your specifications within a few days of receiving your order.
free shipment  worldwide



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