Aiolos 1071M – two coloured magnetic bracelet


.Here is how we did : 3 mm thick 15 mm 45 grms wide strip of solid copper, a groove milled lengthwise, a strip of brass soldered into this groove.

Then milled two indentation on the inside of either side, inserted two neodym magnets and sealed with a non allergic acrylic compound.
Then rounded with a file, smoothed and polished. Bent into shape, then polished shiny.
Solid look. Classic. Pure copper on Your skin.

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Same copper Bracelet comes with NO magnets as well, go for the solid copper bracelet Nr 1070 >Kalliope<

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The magnetic bracelet Aiolos, c.a. 50 gramm, c.a. 18Mm wide – With 2 magnets. A wide two-colored bracelet, a wide strip of copper with a narrow embedded strip of brass. The two very powerful neodymium magnets are recessed at the end on the underside and sealed flat.

The bracelet is not elastic – we recommend a precise fit in all cases. Adjustment is possible with moderate force

The complex production process: a 3x18mm strip is sawn to the correct length, then provided with a 1x4mm groove. A strip of brass is made for this groove, then pressed in and hard-soldered. Remove the oxide in sulphuric acid, then scrape under running water. Roughly sand the 2-colored top side, 3 mm thick in the middle. Sand finely, check the solder joint, re-solder if necessary, then finely polish the surface. Sand and polish the inside. Carefully smooth the edges with corundum and smooth out any cracks. Then mill two recesses at the ends on the inside, insert the two neodymium magnets and seal them flat with a synthetic resin.

At around 18 mm wide, the bangle is a striking bracelet, discreetly eye-catching thanks to its two-tone color. It looks elegant and delicate. It looks classy and not roughly handcrafted, can be worn for all occasions … both festive and casual wear, goes well with any type of jewelry, and can be worn with colored jewelry, especially thanks to the two-tone design.

Although the bangle looks fine and elegant, it is also hard-wearing. So it can also be worn for sports such as tennis or golf and is striking due to its width. Absolutely waterproof, you can wear this bracelet at all times. The surface may show slight signs of wear after prolonged use, as with silver jewelry that has been worn for a long time. The inside is finely polished and the resin-sealed magnets are visible. The brass strip is only visible on the surface. Skin contact only with copper. Copper is said to have an effect on general well-being, many athletes wear a copper bracelet, see our page “Copper – a remarkable metal”.

Observe the safety instructions regarding jewelry with magnets. If you wear a pacemaker, you should refrain from wearing magnetic jewelry.
Your bracelet – absolutely and completely handmade in Germany in our Munich studio.

Your bracelet – absolutely and completely handmade in Germany in our Munich studio.
Our copper and brass come exclusively from renowned manufacturers in Germany. We work on demand and produce your bracelet in any size according to your specifications within a few days of receiving your order.

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