Aiolos 1071M – two coloured magnetic bracelet


.3 x 15 mm  45 gramms. Two powerfull Neodym Magnets inserted in either side, not noticable from the outside.

For every occasion, good for sports (Golf, Tennis…) as well as for festive occasions. Weight noticeable.

Very robust. for hard works (garden …) suitable. Rather heavy. OK with all the sports.

Pure copper, with a brass stripe. not lacquered. No problem with moisture, rain… extremely resistant.

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..Here is how we did : 3 mm thick 15 mm wide strip of solid copper, a groove milled lengthwise, a strip of brass soldered into this groove.

Then milled two indentation on the inside of either side, inserted two neodym magnets and sealed with a non allergic acrylic compound.

Then rounded with a file, smoothed and polished. Bent into shape, then polished shiny.

Solid look. Classic. Pure copper on Your skin.

Please note: Be careful with jewelry containing magnets! Do not wear jewelry with magnets if You wear a pacemaker. The magnets we use are unusually strong, keep distance to electronic devices, mechanical watches, older TV-sets. Please refer to the manual included in Your order. Measure up carefully. Exact size allows a very close fit.

Same copper Bracelet comes with NO magnets as well, go for the solid copper bracelet Nr 1070 >Kalliope<



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