Asen 1026M two magnets enclosed within this copper bracelet


How we did it ?   A 5mm round piece of solid copper, rolled square.
Two holes drilled  into either end, one strong neodym magnet inserted.
The ends closed. Then polished to high gloss, no sharp edges.

Info regarding Neody Magnets in Jewelery

The matching magnetic copper choker is
Aresas #2004M with two strong neodym magnets.

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Our magnetic copper bracelet Asen, 5x5mm c.a.30 gramm with 2 neodymium magnets … and this is how we made it:

A solid copper round bar 7 mm is rolled onto a square profile edge length 5 mm with our Durston roller, then twisted in length … a classic processing The bar is sawn to the correct length (according to your dimensions). Two holes are drilled in each end piece. The two neodymium rod magnets are inserted into the holes and the remaining two openings are forged. The rod is then finely ground, polished and then pressed into the oval shape and carefully polished again.

The appearance of this magnetic copper bracelet is rustic and striking. Quite hard, wearable even for physically demanding activities, but can also be worn for festive occasions. An all-rounder among our bracelets – The bracelet is very resistant and is therefore suitable for daily use even under very demanding conditions. Also very good for sports activities such as golf or tennis. Absolutely waterproof.

Copper is good for you… Although this has not been scientifically proven, many people report that the bracelet helps them with inflammation, muscle tension, joint pain and rheumatic complaints. This is why many athletes also wear a copper bracelet. You can find more interesting details on our “What you should know about copper” page.

In terms of design, the bracelet can easily be combined with other pieces of jewelry. The bracelet has a classic, dignified look

Please note the safety instructions regarding jewelry with magnets. If you wear a pacemaker, you should refrain from wearing magnetic jewelry.

Our copper comes exclusively from renowned manufacturers in Germany. We work on demand and manufacture your bracelet in any size according to your specifications within a few days of receiving your order by hand in Germany in our Munich studio.

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