Minerva 1013 – a thick strip of copper forged


57 gramms, 3x15mm. Suitable for everyday usage, rugged looks. Definately handmade.

This copper bracelet is very suitable for Tennis and Golf. No problem with moisture, rain…

Good in all sizes. Visibly handworked. Rustic. Rather rigid due to forging. Bending moderately possible with quite some force

Narrower would be Nike with width of 10 mm, this would be better for the smaller wrist.

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here how we did it : A 3×15 mm sheet of copper. A copper bracelet with strong forging traces. The Edges carefully rounded.

High gloss polished. Thickness of 3 mmm makes it very sturdy. Plain, no unnecessary decorations.

For every occasion, ok for sports and for festive occasions, ok in large sizes.

This copper bracelet will be manufactured just in time, in Your very size as specified in Your order.

All our copper jewelery is made in our munich studio, to 100 percent by hand.


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