Silvanus 1019 – an intrigate copper bracelet, delicate


19 gramms, 3×6 mm. A solid copper bracelet, feminine charisma, very light.

Ok for festive occasions, not suitable for sports

Wear this copper bracelet On Your wrist in oval form or round form on your arm, exact fit is best

This copper bracelet will be manufactured just in time, in Your very size as specified in Your order.

All our copper jewelery is made in our munich studio, to 100 percent by hand.

To find out Your correct size click here

one rolled strips and one round material twisted and forged. Ends WIG welded.

Slightly elastic, can be easily adopted to fit with moderate strength.

The Looks :  Delicate. Playful. Best in small sizes.

It is particularly suitable as a jewelry bracelet for a women`s arm



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