Loki 1011 an elastic copper bracelet

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….32 gramm 2×10 mm.  Suitable for everyday usage, OK for festive use. ok for sports like tennis. Pure copper, not lacquered.

No problem with moisture, rain… Simple, plain. Lightened up by the fold in the middle.

Good in any sizes. Best in small sizes.

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..Folded from 1mm copper and placed on top of one another, folded outwards. Then rolled to harden the copper.

This process makes the bracelet quite elastic, very easy to put on.


1 review for Loki 1011 an elastic copper bracelet

  1. michael

    was the perfect gift for my girlfriend, she wears it day and night. Good customer service, they speak english. I used the US tel. line. Very helpful as for size. Will definitely buy here again. No shipping costs. *****

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